Terms of Service for non-commercial/personal work


With the exception of the sketch commissions, the first two alterations of the initial sketch are free, any more cost a little extra depending on the complexity of the change. In the case of sketch commissions, only minor alterations are allowed, unless there was a major mistake made.

In large commissions, I send the initial sketch or two for your consideration. I then double check on the inking. Due to the nature of the mediums I work in, most colors cannot be altered once put down. I often keep copies of lineart just in case, but major color changes will require extra to cover the cost of materials and time. Sometimes changes that are impossible on the original can be made to the digital version for cheaper/free--it depends on the change.

Cancellation Policies

I reserve the right to reject a commission for any reason.

I reserve the right to cancel and refund a commission for any reason. If I am the one to cancel it, there is a full refund unless commissioner wants what has already been done upon which we will work out a partial refund.

If commissioner cancels, only a partial refund will be given, to reflect the work already in progress. If it hasn't been started yet, up to 10% may be kept as a cancellation fee, depending on complexity of commission (this is to make up for lost advertising time.)


Commissioner has the right to display the art in their respective online galleries provided they credit me. Commissioners may NOT charge for or freely distribute art without permissions (for example, cannot sell use of a tattoo design they commission, offer free linearts, etc even if they commissioned the work in question or if it is of their character.

Line-art and sketch commissions cannot be used as a base for a derivative work without my permission (IE you cannot have someone else color it for you without asking me.)

Listed Prices reflect art for personal use ONLY. For commercial uses (IE Printing on flyers, self-published book promotion, use ona website outside the gallery, etc) then you need to talk to me about buying rights.

I retain all rights to personally display and/or make prints of the final work. I generally ask, etc. This is negotiable (generally for a fee, with some exceptions) if this concerns you please talk to me about it! Private commissions can easily be worked out.


I send a full-sized scan for printing with any piece of art on request.

Shipping is extra, for an 8.5X11 peice it's generally around $4.50 for those in the states or for airmail worldwide and $6.00 priority or $12.95 for other countries (flat-rate global priority--it has much less problems than other means) and I can also do con pick-ups if you attend one of my listed conventions. Not all commissions can be shipped! There are some commissions I offer that are meant to be scanned only and will say so in the offer.

In case of loss or damage in the mail, if possible I provide a print in place of the original--I keep files for almost every piece I ship out. If that is not possible, items under $30 will be remade, and over $30 will only be shipped with insurance which will cover the costs. Item can then be considered refunded, or recommissioned using the money from the settlement.

Because of personal circumstances I sometimes have to wait to ship mutiple things out at once to minimize time off. If a commission is time-sensitive please let me know and I can accommodate.

Current Commission List