Azure Animalia

Amherst MA Art Exhibit Azure Animalia May through June Amherst Town Hall
Amherst MA Art Exhibit Azure Animalia May through June Amherst Town Hall
Azure Animalia showing in Amherst Town Hall May-June 2019

Here is the information for the solo show I am doing in Amherst’s Town Hall, where I will be unveiling some new pieces!

Show Dates: May 2-June 25, Amherst Town Hall, 8:30-4:30pm, Mon-Fri

Opening Reception/Meet the Artist: Thursday, May 2, 5-8pm and Thursday, June 6, 5-8pm

Azure Animalia portrays a cast of wild canids amidst surreal butterflies and fields of stars. A coyote rolls in pools of splashed color, while a fennec looks on, glowing in the rays of evening light. Using various media and techniques, local artist Michelle Vigeant explores a fantasy world with animals on the main stage.  As they walk, their shadows form creation around their paws. The fox, a trickster armed with a paintbrush of wolf fur, draws surreal dreamscapes and the moon itself. These scenes are depicted in vivid colors playing with light and mood.

The artist’s background in biology and years studying animal bones, tracks and more (yes, even their scat!) gives her a very intimate perspective of their habits, anatomy and placement within the world. She loves to illustrate stories that connect people with animals. Upstairs, take a peek at Vigeant’s most recent project, a series in inks called  A Girl And Her Dark, featuring a young girl taming and playing with her dark, a mysterious skull-faced canine. See her work at

Contact: Michelle Vigeant

Address for townhall: 4 Boltwood Ave, Amherst MA 01002 Hours Mon-Fri, 8am-4:30pm, Dates: May2-June 25
Information for Amherst MA Town Hall Show

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