Sketchbook Saturday: 100 Days Project

koi sketches
koi sketches
Koi Sketches

Took a break from the blog as I raised my kiddo through the early part of toddlerhood, I couldn’t keep up with the updates and stay creative, but I seem to have found my stride again.

Earlier this year I attempted a 100 day challenge, I got quite far before I started having a fibromyalgia flare that forced me to stop and I lost the train of productivity.  Truth be told, I loved the sketches and felt it was a direct source of levelling up but I was neglecting other artistic endeavors to achieve those results.  A far better project would include some variation and breaks within the week.

Each day I would research a new animal that I haven’t drawn much before, and study it in detail.  I’d do sketches for shape, proportions, common poses, challenging areas, and the anatomy of limbs, etc.  The medium was ballpoint pen in a molskein notebook, minimum 2 pages per critter.

The above drawing is from day 16: koi There was a tank of goldfish in the doctors office where I started sketching. It’s interesting to look for the pre-tetrapod anatomy within the two sets of paired fins.

I think I will schedule a posting of one or more pages at a time, so that all my sketches can be seen evolving  as I improve or change methods. Since I started this blog I now have over a year and a half of Schoolism classes under my belt, and the difference is quite dramatic.  I will write a review of each class I took in the near future!

Here are a few more of the sketches from the first days of the project:

white rhino sketches
Day 1 more white rhinos
Pronghorn Sketches
Pronghorn Sketches
Day 1 white rhino sketches

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