A New Beginning

fox painting wing sketch
fox painting wing sketch
Stormslegacy painting her wing.

I created a blog under the same name on blogger years before.  Now that I’m a bit older and (I’d like to think) more responsible I’m restarting it with the intention of writing 2-3 times a week.   Most likely update schedule will be mon, weds, fri with a stray post here and there as the mood strikes.

I intend this to be a place where I share funny anecdotes about how my obsession with art fits into the rest of my eclectic life, as well as a place I share favorite tips and tutorials I’ve found in the art process.  Primarily a blog about my art, I’m sure quite a bit about my life will slip in through the cracks.  It is the nature of art.

I’ll be writing quite a bit about my main storyline “The Werewolves of Creation” in the coming months.  They make up at least half my personal pieces. My own place in the story is Coyote, the storyteller.

A self portrait, from my self-portrait sketches that I try to do every other night or so.

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