Anime Boston!

artist standing behind table full of prints postcards and wares

I got my start in the fandom convention scene and it was great to be back after so long!!! I tabled at Anime Boston in the Artist Alley and it was a success ^.^ I was surprised by the attention my big cat art got, I hear y’all and will try to make more as the months pass. I also had numerous people asking me to list my ACEOS up, I can take a look through and see what I have. I was thinking to introduce a means to pick a random one.

Artist standing behind table full of prints postcards and other wares

This was the first year I introduced teeshirts. I also had a bunch of new prints and postcards to share from over the past few years!! The dragon dress from my shop was a perfect outfit for the day.

I am hoping to do 2-3 conventions a year. I love seeing folks, and that is the amount that’s likely sustainable as a parent-artist. I was accepted to Paradise City Arts Festival and that one is also on my list for this year, in October. I will be focusing on acrylic works to bring for that one, alongside some smaller watercolors.

I was amazed we could fit it all in the car!!!