Axolotl Salamander Glow Shirts Added To Shop!

Glowing Axolotl T Shirt Design

I’d been meaning to introduce these glow in the dark axolotl salmander shirts for a while! I was selling them at Hannah’s gallery and it’s time to start offering them online to folks. First I’m starting with the salmander and next on the list is the possum.

They are hand-weeded and hand-pressed here in the studio. I use high-quality glow in the dark vinyl.

I will slowly be releasing more designs as I build up stock. They are sized kids through adult 5XL so everyone can enjoy =) They are unisex and true-to-size.

If you need a onesie, I’m happy to do a special order. The bases cost a little more than kids shirts so will be $30 to cover the extra cost.

Most sizes are in stock and ship quickly but please allow up to 2 weeks for assembly since each is hand-pressed.