Keeping Painting Practices Green

Acrylic Painting of a polar bear mother holding cub and three other babies on a surreal melting world about global warming

For earth day coming up, I thought I’d write about ways I’m trying to keep my painting practices green!I love Acrylic paint because it uses a lot less noxious chemicals than when I used to paint in oils–no toxic solvents […]


a very wet red tail hawk

Whenever I get the chance, I like to take walks. I find the quiet moment in nature is something I can then take with me in the studio. One of my favorite places, the Connecticut river, has inspired Thomas Cole […]

Typecast-On Portfolios and People

Though I am still at the beginning of my illustration career, I’ve been through a few portfolio reviews to help me get on the right track.  Take this from an experienced novice who has sought out a lot of advice […]

Practice Makes Permanent

There’s a saying in the music communities, practice makes permanent.  This is true of art as well.  It’s very easy to repeat the same mistakes over and over; this is why critique is so valuable to an artist. It can […]