Child’s Play: Crabs!

I’m introducing a new segment called Child’s Play.  This tag will be used to talk about the incorporation of art in my stay-at-home life.  Might be about kid’s art supplies or projects I’m doing with my little critter.  My little critter will be three at the end of October, she’s a little over 2.5 now.

Critter and I were home sick recently, and they asked me to draw crabs with them.  They are a little obsessed with the “Shiny” song in Moana.

I recently picked up these crayola oil pastels, and I’m fairly impressed at the quality considering it’s for little kids! They are triangular so they don’t roll off the table and they are much more colorful than normal crayons.  They even blend!  They really shine on colored paper, and my kid likes to scribble thick patches and then etch into them.

I’ve been feeling pretty inspired lately, so just dove in.  Riel was so captivated they aimed to copy my results. Riel choose the paper and the colors I was allowed to use in the crab:

Here is another

I was without refs so had to draw from imagination.  Sometimes that can be very frustrating, because I only even see the flaws at first…but I should sketch that way more often, some of my most creative works start out that way and then can be refined later. It can be good to be pushed from our comfort zone!  Plus working with such slick colorful material was an interesting change of pace!




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