Creative Quarantine Springfield

Howl Colors

I applied and was accepted to take part in the Creative Quarantine residency through Art For The Soul Gallery in Springfield. Originally it was supposed to be in person, and is a program that was around long before COVID!

All 12 artists are producing work for the month while broadcasting nightly and then followed by a show that will hang in Art For The Soul.

It was funded by several grants including the Cultural Council

From the press release
“Art Life. Enter the creative world of 12 artists including Carren Clarke, Louise Cutler, Frankie Borrero, Lorraine McAlpine, LaShun Beal, Deborah Shedrick, Michelle Vigeant, Larry Poncho Brown, Sheeba Maya, Kathleen DeQuence Anderson, Ryan Murray, and Sheldon Smith in Creative Quarantine Springfield, a virtual experience sharing the day in the life of these artists as they create experimental works for the entire month of January 2021.”

We are halfway in and I have made a few pieces that I am really excited about, as well as chatted about my experiences as a woman and mother artist.

It has been awesome to have the time and mental space to focus on creating traditional art. I feel so lucky to have the ability to take part.

There will be a show at the end of the month at Art For The Soul Gallery in Springfield MA. I will have more information soon!

This is my first exhibition since 2019

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