Inktober 2017

father and daughter ink drawing

Each year I do the Inktober challenge, even if only for several pieces.  This year I picked from the Dystopian prompts.  Here are some of my favorites!

Fallen Star Child
Inktober2017 Fallen Star Child
black and white ink drawing of a girl and her dog
A girl and her dog resting for a quiet moment in a frightening world
father and daughter ink drawing
Father and daughter march through a dangerous area in a dystopian world

I love Inktober because it confines me to one medium.  I further this confinement to 4X6 bristol and traditional inks or marker.  Working in black and white is always boost to my composition skills forcing clear decisions as to what belongs to the light or shadows and removing complexity.

I challenged myself to do people, which is unusual for me as well.

I look forward to next year!

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