New Animal Hoodies and Dresses Added To Shop!

The artist modeling the Pocket Dragons Skater Dress

I started carrying some of the products I design directly in the store. These are Print-On-Demand, so they ship from the manufacturer. I bought each of these products and have been wearing them to test and I am so happy with the results! I’ll be adding more designs as time goes.

I bought a trash panda and friends hoodie and my goodness the print is vibrant! The inside only got softer after a wash and wear too. Of all the items this is by far my favorite, I’m pretty much living in it now =3

The dress is also lovely. I’m an L to XL in most items, I got an XL and the size is true plus a bit of forgiving stretch. The qualities are very similar to swimsuit fabic, but the outer layer is very soft. it’s seriously flattering, and I love it with a pair of leggings. The print is super clear and vibrant (the blur is from the camera), hard to capture the subtle transitions of watercolor with my camera but in person its lovely.

Last, I’ve regularly had my ball python morph design stolen and put on backpacks so I made my own. This is a medium backpack, with a padded inside compartment to hold something like an iPad. The outside is weatherproof and there is a secret pocket on the backside perfect for keeping valuables close. I think this is a good size for hiking. Again, the print is vibrant and clear. I found a larger version I will likely add as well.