Public Mural Art Project!

Photo of jersey barrier murAL OF RUNNING FOX

Red Fox Mini-mural on a Jersey Barrier

Photo of jersey barrier murAL OF RUNNING FOX
Fox butterflies mini mural

I was invited to join a really cool art project through the Amherst Business Improvement District, with the pandemic there’s been a need to separate outdoor dining spaces from the road, and it can be an ugly prospect to have so many Jersey barriers! enter in artists!

I was one of a group of artists who took on the challenge of beautifying the space.

Unpainted jersey barrier
Jersey Barrier
fox jersey barrier concept art
Jersey barrier concept art

We had three hours total to prime and paint, it was quite the challenge! I was also given 24 hours notice! I ran to the store and estimated what supplies we would need, stayed up that night, came up with a design and enlisted volunteer help from my friends Megan and Will because no way was I going to do it alone!

We came early and primed first thing with a cement primer. Then the painting began!

Family sitting around and prepping to paint
Volunteer team!
starting the jersey barrier mural
Starting the mural
artist putting final touches on barrier
Adding the final touches

It came together really quickly and we were very proud of the end result. I had drawn out and created vinyl stencils for the butterflies which sped things along a bit! It can be seen in front of Oriental Flavor in Amherst as of July 2020.

This was my first foray into public art and I really enjoyed it!

Artist next to finished jersey barrier mural of surreal red fox
Artist with completed barrier
Finished jersey barrier mural of surreal red fox
Finished jersey barrier mural
child looking at mural
Kidlet appreciating the mini mural

You can see the butterflies just bleeding out of the painting =)

butterfly detail
The butterflies bleed into the cement


This same fox was featured in the painting I did for CoSM

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