Science Illustration Cold Quasar 2

cold quasar illustration
cold quasar illustration
Illustration for the University of Kansas

My degree is in science and sometimes do science illustration. Here I illustrated galaxy CQ 4479 for the University of Kansas press release. It was published just in the for Black Hole Week! I always love doing galaxy pictures, it really lets me play with the lighting and think through problem-solving. Here we are looking down the jets of the galaxy and at the expelled gases. This galaxy is an interacting galaxy similar to the Antennae galaxies, you can see a fainter nucleus at the bottom. This is the result of two galaxies colliding.

This galaxy offers us a rare glimpse at the brief period while cold gases that drive star formation are being expelled by heavy winds but still present.

From the release “The galaxy, dubbed CQ 4479, shows characteristics that normally don’t coexist: An X-ray luminous active galactic nuclei (AGN) and a cold gas supply fueling high star formation rates.”

cold quasar SOFIA telescope photo
Image from NASA’s SOFIA telescope of galaxy CQ 4479 showing cold gas coexisting with an Active Galactic Nuclei

If you are interested in behind-the-scenes such as thumbnails and progress shots you can see some of the progress shots of this science illustration along with other pieces by becoming a patron on my patreon ^.^

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You can also see this phenomenon covered in the media!

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