Sketchbook Saturday: Fantasy Critters

pegasus sketches
owl griffins
Some playful sketches of owl gryphs

What is the use of all those studies I do?  I use them to inform my fantasy animals!  Here a different kind of griffin stalks a little mouse.  There are also some sketches from the pond I was sitting in front of, and my son feeding the ducks. This owl has appeared in my sketchbook numerous times, I want to do a piece eventually XD

pegasus sketches
Pegasus flying sketches

These sketches were informed by the ospreys I had drawn earlier!  I’ve been playing around with horse gestures too, though I’m still struggling with their anatomy up close I do have the general proportions down.  The more I practice from reference, the easier it is to make fantasy a reality!  Its hard to compose an animal with so many limbs off in each direction, keeping the sillouhette clear and easy to read is a bit of a challenge.  I rely on gesture to make the results appealing and dynamic without being confusing. It should read at first glance.

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