Small Works Acrylic Paintings Added To Shop!

Fox Butterfliues Wraparound

I added a bunch of small works to the shop! Some of these have been hanging in Hannah’s Gallery, and others are from Creative Quarantine listed for the first time.

If you were looking for some original art to spice up a wall, now is the time! These are perfect for a pop of color in unexpected places. Many are painted around the edges so they need no frame, and most of my small works are never reproduced in print. Sizes range from 5x7in to 11x14in.

Fox Butterfliues Wraparound

Many of them are from my popular galaxy babies series, including the skunks and possums. These look great in a cluster!

There are a few experimental pieces in the mix as well, Creative Quarantine pushed the boundaries of what I normally produce

Possum Screaming

Many are on aluminum, which is perfect for shipping because it will not bend or break in response to normal shipping pressure.

I will be showing work in person again in the fall and most will be removed from online sales, so if you are not local this is the best opportunity to get some of my fresh work.

Find them all here: