Painting at COSM

I was invited to be a live painter at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (COSM) for the July Full Moon Celebration. It was quite the experience! Attached is the photo of my painting after the event. I had a lovely […]

Furthering knowledge

As someone who does have a degree but in a radically different field than art (Biology), the idea of going back to college and starting over is just too daunting.  There’s no way I could make the cost.  Here’s the […]

Thumbnails–Fox and Butterflies II

So a few months ago in a sleepy stupor I stumbled into the Amherst Family Center and drew this thumbnail while someone watched my kid for a few.  At the time I thought it was genius, and put it away […]


So, I think I have a sketchbook addiction.  I have no lack of sketchbooks and yet everytime I swear off buying them some magically end up coming home to me through well-intentioned friends and family…though also maybe a trip to […]

A Time for Everything

There’s a time to work, and a time to play.  What happens when that hobby is also how you intend to make money?  It can put you in an interesting bind.  Commitment is the obvious answer, but what happens when […]