a very wet red tail hawk

Whenever I get the chance, I like to take walks. I find the quiet moment in nature is something I can then take with me in the studio. One of my favorite places, the Connecticut river, has inspired Thomas Cole among other greats, so I figure I must be on to something =)

misty river
connecticut river on a misty day
goldfinch flock in a tree
The flock following me

I saw a lot of birds on my walk today, and a flock of goldfinches followed me, I think i may have been disturbing the insects for them? I had brought my camera to take photos in that odd grey lighting before a rainstorm. I saw a wraggled looking brown mop near the riverbed, and when I got closer found that a hawk had washed ashore and was sunning itself. I was concerned, so I gave it some space. Within 30 minutes, it dried enough to fly off, thank goodness because not far off was a bald eagle nest (which may have been the reason the hawk ended up in the river!).

wet red tail hawk
poor little guy

These little narratives of wildlife truly inspire me.

I find that unconsciously, I seem to be whirring away at problems that seem so overwhelming in the studio, and when i come back I am refreshed and suddenly have a solution that must have been taking shape outside the mind’s eye.

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