Blackwork Animal Designs

Stand out with bold animal designs inked from the soul

Looking for something different? I also create unique animal blackwork for clients, contact me for a price quote.

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Democratic Donkey Blackwork

A patriotic design featuring a donkey in whimsical stars kicking out its hind legs

axolotl blackwork design

a blackwork axolotl salamander design otherwise known as tribal

2015-01-09 17.13.38

a blackwork tribal spirit fox kitsune design holding a stylized lantern

You can find them printed on merchandise through Redbubble and Zazzle.

bloackwork bat tattoo design
bat design sketch

If you are looking for an unusual tattoo, I allow personal, NON-COMMERCIAL use of some of the above designs in exchange for a tip, (suggestion is $15-$30 usd for a one time use such as a tattoo.)

Some designs are samples of commissions and are not available for ANY use, please respect the right of refusal.

You can also license these designs on products, email below for a quote!

possum blackwork animal tattoo