Blackwork Animal Designs

Stand out with bold animal designs inked from the soul

Looking for something different? I also create unique animal blackwork for clients, contact me for a price quote.

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Blackwork Fox Tattoo Design
Blackwork Crow Tattoo
cat stretch tattoo design
possum blackwork animal tattoo
bloackwork bat tattoo design
Turkey Vulture Blackwork Animal Design

You can find them printed on merchandise through Redbubble and Zazzle.

bloackwork bat tattoo design
bat design sketch

If you are looking for an unusual tattoo, I allow personal, NON-COMMERCIAL use of some of the above designs in exchange for a tip, (suggestion is $15-$30 usd for a one time use such as a tattoo.)

Some designs are samples of commissions and are not available for ANY use, please respect the right of refusal.

You can also license these designs on products, email below for a quote!

possum blackwork animal tattoo