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nerdMichelle Vigeant has been drawing animals since she was a child. She holds a degree in biology to further her understanding about how critters work. Spending years studying their bones, tracks and more ( yes, even their scat!) gives her a very intimate perspective of their habits, anatomy and placement within the world. She loves to tell stories that connect people with animals. Her illustration style is inspired by American comic-book line work as well as color from illustrators such as James Gurney of the Dinotopia books. She is very versatile in subject matter. Her favorite materials are watercolors, markers, colored pencils and ink.

She has illustrated the cover of the book “The Whispering Basket” which is available on Amazon.com, done a number of shows in the western Massachusetts area, and can often be found at various fandom conventions throughout the eastern coast of the US.

Stormslegacy’s Business Values

Social Justice 

As someone with both invisible disabilities and on the LGBTQIAA+ spectrum, it’s important that humans all are portrayed with care in regards to intersectional issues.

Accurate to the Animals

I love fantasy, and I do sometimes take license, but I try to keep most of the details realistic.  I feel that even fantasy does best when grounded in basic laws of biology

Giving Back To The Art Community

I try to commit time to sharing techniques and to help other self-taught artists in the journeys.  I don’t always have time for individual aid but I do try to give when I can.

Connect People To Animals and Educate

I feel my role as an artist is to share the passion I have for my subject and offer space for people to explore and ask questions. 


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