New Stickers Added To The Shop!!

plague doctor mask corgi animal art stickers

My newest product are weatherproof vinyl animal stickers! These are especially for folks who find the decals a little tricky.

The Corgi stickers are on a white vinyl while the rest are on clear. The clear vinyl is great for a nice clean look, the colors are also a little translucent which looks great on windows or lighter-colored materials. All of the vinyl is fully weatherproof! Here is a plague potat vinyl sticker on my car =3 You can use them on laptops, waterbottles, cars and more.

Plague Potat applied to a car
Stickers are weatherproof

I am introducing my tattoo designs, first 5 are the raven, spirit fox, possum, smiling fox and bat. I will introduce the others shortly.

I found an awesome printer called Sticker Bunnies, an LGBTQIAA+ business that supports my values which allowed me to print more after StickerMule came out as supporting causes I don’t agree with.

I will be using Sticker Bunnies and Stickerapp from now on so no need to worry about what you are supporting!