Western MA Pagan Pride Day 2022

My new tent!

Just got back from tabling at Western MA Pagan Pride Day in Northampton! I am pagan myself (exploring Romuva because I am part Lithuanian but currently non-denominational). I’ve always felt in touch with nature, I’ve been trying to find ways to express that part of myself that are non-appropriative. I consider the coyote to be my muse, which is why it features in more personal work.

I had a lovely time meeting new folks. I just got a new tent and can’t wait to start doing more local events. I signed up and paid for my table next year already so I know the second Saturday in September 2023 this is where you will find me!

My next event will be Paradise City Arts Festival the 9,10,11 of October and then Hosmer Gallery in June 2023 for sure. Other events may be on the horizon, I’ll keep folks updated!