General Updates!

acrylic painting of a white wolf holding a red banner

Finished Cape Wolf a while back and forgot to post. Still don’t quite have a name for it.  I need to take better photos before it can be made into a print.

Speaking of prints, I added a bunch of offerings to the web store.  I’ll be adding some small originals too as I get the chance. I love to do small ACEO-size originals (2.5X3 inches) and that keeps it easy to ship and affordable.

A set of 5 watercolor postcard prints featuring wolves, foxes, a jaguar and a duck.

You can find an interview with me on the next Wolfdog Radio episode!  They are doing interviews with artisans who are inspired by wolves and wolfdogs.I will post more when it airs!

find me on patreon!

I’ve been updating my Patreon, also linked in my header.  There’s even some exclusive originals for purchase on there.  It’s where I’ve been sticking all sorts of things from my sketchbook.  I’ll still update my blog some, but if you enjoy my sketches do consider subscribing for as little as a dollar!  It helps me keep time for the creative things in my life and supports my passion projects so that I can justify personal work over commissioned things.

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