Baby Opossum Painting Didelpha Dust

baby possum on galaxy painting
baby possum on galaxy painting

Just finished a little acrylic painting to add to my galaxy dens series! This one is of a passel of possums. Like the others, it features a deep-seated wrap-around canvas that has been painted so that it needs no frame, the stars go all around!

I love how personable possums can be. I follow several wildlife rescue accounts and I love reading their updates! I see a lot of them on my evening walks, around here they often hang out in the grassy areas near the sidewalk, and they will freeze if caught in a flashlight. I’ve never had the blessing of seeing a mother covered in babies but from photographs I imagine it would be quite a sight!

Baby Possum acrylic painting oncanvas from side

I started the sketch during Creative Quarantine and the painting was finished a while later. It is now hanging in Hannah’s Local Gallery in Amherst MA (in the Mill District) and is for sale!

Here’s one of the ones made during Creative Quarantine

You can see one I made for Hope and Feathers Small Works show in this post:
Small Works Show

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