Small Works Show, Hope and Feathers, Amherst MA

fantasy animal art paintings of a fox portrait and a nunch of raccoon babies in galaxy

My work made it into the small works show at Hope and Feather’s Framing!

You can see the raccoon at the end of the hanging video <3


They are available for sale, the show is cash and carry but if they aren’t bought there, the prices are as followed:

fantasy animal acrylic painting of three baby raccoons wrapped in a galaxy
Peas in a Pod, 5x7in Acrylic on canvas $180
Fox portrait is $160 framed 6x6inch watercolor on birch panel sealed


The raccoons were done because my original birch piece did not come out as intended!  The X composition in the sketch did not hold when light was added and I felt it was too confusing so made the raccoons instead.  Sometimes that happens! If I had done my thumbnails more thoroughly I could have caught that mistake much sooner.  Lesson learned! Here is the first try:

Opening is 5-8pm this thursday during Amherst’s Art Walk.  There will be pie!
For more information check out the website.

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