Painting at COSM


I was invited to be a live painter at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (COSM) for the July Full Moon Celebration. It was quite the experience! Attached is the photo of my painting after the event. I had a lovely time and got to meet the other artists as well as Alex and Alyson Grey, Alex was very kind about my work, heh. I will likely be back in the future! The event has a little bit of a Burning Man vibe. I had never thought of myself as a visionary artist before, but seeing other artists of that genre, I’m beginning to wonder if it might be a good fit for the surrealish work I do.

Here is me dressed in a butterfly headdress to match my painting =)

me adding color to a butterfly as people watch
me live painting at the CoSM Jully 2018 Full Moon event
Buttefly headdress
Dressed to match my painting!
me with Alex Grey
Me with Alex Grey at CoSM

The grounds were very beautiful! And the people were incredible.

I also participated in Art Church the next day. The topic was light, and I feel like the piece I produced was really inspired by it! It was one of the fastest watercolor I ever painted. Alex gives a lecture on a topic and plays some music for inspiration as well as showing us pictures from art history and modern times. The Chapel itself is fairly inspiring and there’s something to be said for sitting in a large room full of so many creative spirits!

a wolf stands in the golden light of the woods
The wolf of the woods

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