Paint Pours

Blue poured acrylic paint on canvas

Trying out a new technique for my backgrounds after watching a number of youtube videos and joining some facebook groups for ideas. I’ve been dying to try for a long time now and snagged a bottle of pouring medium for free during the black friday sales. I’ve since learned Floetrol is cheaper, but my first attempts are with Liquitex.

I’m loving my first attempts!

Here’s a dirty pour with contrasting colors using Liquitex Pouring medium.  The purple is pearl-ex powder suspended in medium.  When it dried it had a lot of dimension, though I would have used more if I knew how translucent it was.

swirls of contrasting acrylic paint after a pour
A contrasting paint pour in teal close up while drying

Here is a dark textured canvas with prussian blues and teals. I learned from this one that translucent colors make for a much more harmonized result.  It’s beautiful for the night sky I intended.  I will be adding one of my lantern foxes.  When it dried a lot of that contrast was lost but it will work better as a background as a result. I plan to attempt that scheme again, this time adding a tiny bit of titanium white to help make the paint more opaque.

Blue poured acrylic paint on canvas
Blue acrylic paint pour on 5X7in canvas


If you want more information on how-tos etc, consider following my Patreon, if there is interest I will add more information there and answer questions about the process =)

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