Fabric, Home Decor, and Apparel Design

Ball Python Leggings Modeled
Ball Python Leggings Modeled
Ball Python Leggings collab with Valkyrie Apparel

Home decor, apparel, phone cases…one of the ways I make my art work for me is by creating patterns and other designs to sell on fabric and merchandise in addition to fine art and illustration. I was kinda lucky to have gotten started with fabric design just before the pandemic started (if one can call that lucky!)

In addition to my store on this website where I ship things from my home, you can find merch on Print on Demand sites on items from stickers and phone cases to shower curtains-all manner of home decor and apparel.

I have a few different shops where you can see my work, and some shops have different features–such as Zazzle’s features that allow a customer to alter the background colors on transparent designs, and to customize the size of the design. Usually I go by Stormslegacy but I also sometimes use ZoologyLove or other names.

You can find my work:

On Fabric



On Apparel, Phone Cases and Home Decor

No fancy previews but here is my link for my collaborations with Valkyrie Apparel, a small woman-owned brand that caters to folks up to 5XL =)


Coventry Decor (a woman-owned small business etching designs into glass and metal)

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