Flying Corriedale Sheep Time-lapse

a watercolor painting of a corriedale sheep flying through the sky at sunset


A corriedale sheep soars through the sky during a blazing sunrise =)

A commission for someone on Facebook of a flying sheep in watercolor (specifically a Corriedale) I am open for commissions like this, where you tell me your favorite animal or fantasy critter and I paint it at 8×10 inches with watercolor washes for a background. Prices start at $125 usd, email me for a quote!

If you enjoy this timelapse and want to know more about the process behind my art, consider joining my Patreon.  The watercolors used in this video are Dr. pH Martin’s liquid watercolors. I should do a review at some point! The watercolor board is Arches. The yellow latex used to coat the white, is Frisket. This video is created using Lapse-it.

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