Sketchbook Saturday: Ferrets and Hippos

ferret sketches
Ferret Sketches

Part of the 100 days project I mentioned before, these sketches depict the hippopotamus and the ferret.

I worked on the ferret with a mink skull readily at hand, which was excellent reminder that the skull is MUCH longer than you would expect, and like many burrowing critters its eyes are much farther forward than you would imagine. I find that the eye placement is an excellent reference for how to draw the faces of dragons without looking too snake-like.  Some of these sketches were done while looking at animals in the pet store, I love ferrets but don’t have interest in owning one at this point in my life!  The area where the lumbar vertebra begins is a source of the odd character of their profiles! Whn you look at the skeleton, the legs are much longer than its silhouette would have you believe!

Hippo studies

Hippopotami appear in many different comic situations, in childrens books, cartoons etc. Their other-worldly anatomy can be a good basis for imaginary critters based in reality.  Their shape and proportions are unlike most creatures, and it was good practice to examine the curves of the face.  Those teeth are quite capable!  The skull was of particular interest, as were lounging poses.  It is the gap between the whale and their ungulate ancestors, something readily apparent when you study them.  The placement of the eye and ears are a giveaway to its aquatic lifestyle.



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