WIP Wednesday: Coyote Song

A quick sketch in purple ink made me think that it would make a great painting.  I know it isn’t much, but ironically, some of my best paintings are ideas penned like this one.  I refined the sketch digitally, so I don’t have a good picture of that step, but I colored it below.

I looked into smoke references and applied some of the knowledge I have from Sam Neilson’s Lighting class on Schoolism.com.  I still need to light the coyote, but the shapes in the smoke and the colors are all blocked in.  I started adding the spirits that will be leaping in and out of the smoke ripples in shades of blue (maybe another color if I feel blue doesn’t work).  I just got my new XP-Pen (review coming soon) which I sketched the forms on, this is a great project to take the product for a test run.   Here is the roughed in sketches thus far.

I look forward to taking this one further!

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